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Beige and Blue Half and Half Skirt

Beige and Blue Half and Half Skirt

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EXCLUSIVE Mixed polyester and wool half and half skirt with white leather belt, with Louisiana vintage key ring and Chopova Lowena keyring. Each of our exclusive skirts are one off pieces, made in the UK. Length - 75cm (Longest Side) 55cm (Shorter Side)


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Please note some items are made from upcycled, vintage and deadstock textiles and leather. Please be aware imperfections may be present. This is the beauty of sustainability! Please be aware some buckles can scratch the leather. Please take care when trying on our skirts. Any skirts with damages are non-returnable. Leather will soften over time. Natural leather belts on certain styles will become darker when exposed to light. Please see care labels for compositions and care information or email for more information.


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Beige and Blue Half and Half Skirt
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